Earth Pulse

Protect Mother Earth

We are a global network of people, organizations, and companies who monitor Mother Earth and reward those who protect her.


We monitor threats to our planet's forests, oceans, climate, and wildlife.


We pool information on where help is needed, and confirm where help is happening. 


Those who share data and take action are rewarded.

Earth Positive

Take Action. Earn Rewards. Become Positive. 


May 2018

Experts and leading practitioners in blockchain, finance, AI, monitoring & evaluation, biodiversity conservation, and systems design convened in Bangkok to form Earth Pulse, a network to monitor Earth’s natural capital and reward those who protect and restore it. View Invitation.

MER Design

The new Earth Pulse community is designing a Monitoring, Evaluation and Rewards system (MER), as well as Natural Capital tokens that support mangrove forest restoration (TREE) and wildlife protection (TYGER) in Asia. These projects and tools are designed for scale, and providing valuable insights into opportunities and challenges to regenerating Earth’s natural capital.

ACET Established

The Analytical Center of Excellence on Trafficking (ACET) powers good governance with good data providing insights for law enforcement. Powered by IBM technology and frontline civil society groups, ACET bridges data holders, improves data analysis, and spotlights problems and solutions to save time, money and lives. ACET is being developed by Freeland and Earth Pulse, with technical support from IBM.

October 2018 - Washington DC

The second Earth Pulse gathering announced in Washington DC. Driven by individuals, technology and finance companies, and civil society organizations. Leading members Freeland and GenBlue have teamed up with World Resources Institute to host a special seminar to share lessons learned, and explore new, strategic partnerships.

Participants will include: IBM, NASA, World Bank, USAID, REGEN Network, Nori, TASK.IO, US Forest Service, and more.

April 2019 - E(+) Innovation Lab

The first Earth (+) Positive innovation lab event was held in Sonoma County, California with Solidaridad Network, an international civil society group working in over 40 countries together with experts in finance, AI, remote sensing, agriculture, and user experience. 

September 2019 - Film Festival

Freeland Film Festival hosted an Earth Pulse speaker panel highlighting the intersection of technology for good. Participants included actress Jane Seymore and her daughter Katie Flynn who announced inception of the Young Hearts App for global volunteerism. 

April 2020 - End Pandemics

In response to COVID-19 a global alliance to reduce the risks of future pandemics was formed and launched under the banner It is rapidly gaining momentum as featured on CNN. 

Network Members Include

Steering Members

Generation Blue’s mission is to support Eco Heroes with exponential technology, and to democratize natural capital investment. The root cause of the ecological crisis is unpriced externalities. We're building a marketplace with positive externalities, empowering any global citizen to become Earth Positive. Imagine a marketplace where every act of consumption is met with an act of regeneration.

Our credo:  Protect what you love. Have fun. Build real wealth

Alan Laubsch, Co-Founder Generation Blue

Freeland's mission is to protect vulnerable people and wildlife from organized crime and corruption while revitalizing ecosystems and communities for a more secure world. Our vision is a world free of wildlife trafficking and human slavery.

Our global team of law enforcement and development experts work alongside government officers, local communities, students, and other NGOs in Asia, Africa and the America to educate, empower, and catalyze action. We are innovative risk takers. We feel there is no time left to waste in protecting our world from the multi-billion dollar illicit trades targeting people and nature. To see that we mean business, visit Freeland's Success Stories.

Steve Galster, Co-Founder Freeland

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Mother Earth.

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